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personal service

Web: Sites/Blogs, Hosting, E-Mail, Managed Servers, 'Cloud' ...

Offline: Data Processing, Database Applications, Custom Tools, Systems Admin ...


independent consulting

Reduce conflicts of interest in your life: Forget non-transparent reselling. No affiliate deals.

We find what fits your situation best.



A donation basis removes barriers. We're humans with a purpose, not bureaucrats or corporate bots.

We want to support small organizations and individuals.



Patient tutoring for all skill levels, individually or in groups.

While all requests are important, time is limited, so groups are preferred.



We spent a lot of time in tech and want to make a change. The digital world is just as carnivorous as real life industrialism. If you have digital needs, we'll share insights, show you all the implications (that we know of), and deobfuscate a world deliberately made complex.

Should your topic be out of range, there's a good chance we know someone who might be able to help.

No 'linkedin' or similar shallowness here. Let's talk instead.

personal service


un/managed Sites/Blogs, General Hosting
free choice of setup, offsite backup hosting options, ...
hosted, or separate, country selection, aliases for tracking the trackers, ...
Personal 'Cloud'
storage/calendar/contacts, various options, ...
Managed Servers
If a more custom setup is required, most reasonable requests can be accommodated.


Data Processing
taming messy data
Database Applications
getting organized
Custom Tools
optimizing and automating
System Administration
from home servers to small organizations' archives (big cluster setups are a specialized niche/full time effort and out of scope)
Digital Life
minimizing 21st century abuse

independent consulting

Real humans depend on 3rd parties to some extent. We choose small, transparent upstream providers as much as possible, and only where necessary. Yet the smallest are still run by people a thousand times richer than the vast majority - you are a mere number. Similarly, even in development, you always depend on entities outside your control.

We find appropriate solutions with you, and without conflicts of interest.


There are no 99.xx% uptime guarantees, or 24/7 SLAs. This is the elusive realm of corporate monopolists. Yet, even they still have downtimes. It also depends on your choices: Popular 'rapid-release' software is chaotic. Classic setups can run for years. The simpler, the better.

We provide honest perspectives and options.


We help level the playing field by taking sales out of the equation. If we don't want to wake up in total dystopia tomorrow, we better start caring today. We can start by sharing expertise and resources. Privately.

Most are defenseless in the digital world; unaware of the schemes and consequences. We are unbound. If your ideal solution is analog, we'll suggest it. If you can't afford much, we'll explore shared options.

Insight is imperative to choice.


Learn how and why. Understand your machines before your machines understand you.

From basic introductions to securing your E-Mail, or maintaining your personal system, to advanced topics like encrypted systems or migrating to Linux, feel free to suggest any topic. Travel is possible, if you can come up for costs, borders can be crossed, and of course, our chemistry fits.



contact that curly symbol sunbirdgrove point com

Ricochet (metadata-resistant, source):

Rico requires both parties to be online, as nothing is saved. It may be prudent to first arrange a time via mail. We don't waste energy running everything all the time.

Why no clickable form? It'd need maintenance if done right. Straight mail works without 3rd parties, dynamic languages, or unnecessary security risks.

Being donation based means we depend on goodwill and random chance. Dedicated personal effort instead of corporate droning costs a lot of time and energy. We need to eat and sleep too.

Send a message for details. If you are above subsistence, support real humans making a change now!