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privacy policy

This Website

No personal data are collected. HTTP logs exist for debugging and banning attackers. Consenting to HTTP logs is a logical impossibility. By the time you read a webpage, it already happened. (The EU doesn't understand basics, as usual.) They are regularly anonymized, and subsequently rotated. Not even a privately hosted statistics tool is currently used.


E-Mails sent to us are stored like any of our other private E-Mails and don't belong in a privacy policy. But, we'd like to point out that one cannot know what the other provider is doing, or if there is going to be a security issue. Even billion-dollar companies with their ivory tower setups are regularly hacked. It's best to assume nothing is truly safe. Especially with tyrannical governments' mandatory data retention. They want to force service providers to hurt their own clients. 'At least' only large ones, so far.

Request PGP keys before sending anything too private. Yes, it's a bit of a 'hassle', but the above paragraph should make its necessity abundantly clear.


When we work together, you'll know exactly what is stored, and where. That's up to you. This is truly private interaction. In every sense. Unpaid, unforced, unrecorded.

This implies there may be times where nobody is available due to personal reasons, clash of characters, or lack of funding. We believe this is preferable to commercial exploitation. This is a 'safe space', if you will.